Apoy is an accesory which is colocated on the guitar and it is utilised to rest the right arm and to amplify the sound. It makes possible a better position of the guitarist body, because it helps to be straight playing the guitar.


Why should be used:

1. Better position of the right arm.

It solves the problem of the arm lenght, because it is not necessary to shrink it, because it is possible to play straight. This makes that the guistarist can be playing during more hours without feeling tired.


2. Correct position of guitar-body.

There are different accesories which help to the colocation, but they are situated under the guitar and this makes the guitarist to bend. In this case, this is not a problem, the guistarist's backbound will be in the correct position.


3. Improvement of the sound.

This accesory is like a sounding board, and amplifies the sound of the guitar naturally.